Elana Herzog

Elana Herzog, Southern Lights, Installation view

Elana Herzog, Southern Lights, Installation view at Lmakprojects

Elana Herzog is perhaps best known for large-scale works where rugs or blankets invade the architecture. Tens of thousands of staples affix the aforementioned rug to the gallery wall; rug and wall are thus married never to be divorced. And though we do not actually see it, we know that this mode of ‘installation’ must surely destroy the host wall. Lights out, show closed the de-installation surely takes the building with it. Currently her studio is home to scraps of wood, fabric and paper. (Some rugs and blankets, too.) In her recent show Plumb Pulp at Lmakprojects  (http://www.lmakprojects.com/) the fabric and paper showed up conjoined as handmade paper works framed, pressed and squished between glass and backing board. This is paper that is very, very hand made. Often holes split one surface to reveal colored fabric behind or between layers of paper. Layers pass back and forth through one another. Throughout the work the notion of flat surface –paper, wall– as place of representation is voided. Representation and site conflate.  In her one of kind books the holes turn up again revealing the page behind, beneath and before the page one is on. Fabric tassels and threads weave through and pepper the pages while origami, complex folds detour the reading of the sparse text.

More images of Herzog’s work can be seen at: http://www.elanaherzog.com/

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