Jackie Ferrara

An interview with Jackie Ferrara in her studio in July of 2012 with Andrea Blum. The full interview is 18 minutes.

Jackie Ferrara (born 17 November 1929, Detroit) is an American sculptor best known for her pyramidal stacked structures. Her work is in the collection of the MOMA, the LACMA, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and the Phillips Collection, among others.

This interview is produced by Romanov Grave and Davidson Drasler Productions. Romanov Grave is a collective that curates art exhibitions and writes art criticism. This interview is part of an ongoing series of artist interviews. To see more and to sign up for our mailing list visit us at romanovgrave.com, twitter.com/romanovgrave and http://www.facebook.com/romanovgrave

Nancy Davidson nancydavidson.com, the sculptor and video artist, and Greg Drasler drasler.com, the painter, formed Davidson Drasler Productions to produce artist interviews and other art-related videos.

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