Animated Vessels

Fig. 1 Nazca Figure Bottle

A proposal for a group show. I always thought the phrase “Animated Vessels” was art historical in origin, a technical term for vessels that take on the form of living organisms and creatures. I would like to gather a selection of the many varieties of “animated vessels” found in contemporary art practice today.

The Apex Is Nothing

Alfred Jensen created works of art whose conception was subject to extra-aesthetic imperatives, even to the point of forcing “un-aesthetic” decisions.  This show exhibits essentially abstract works by a range of artists whose visual power is likewise catalyzed by the incursion or absorption of factors beyond the picture plane. The center of energy in Jensen’s […]


Video has had a long relationship with sculpture, from the stacked televison “gardens” of Nam June Paik and the closed-circuit corridors of Bruce Nauman to the more recent projections onto and into objects and architecture by the likes of Pipilloti Rist and Mona Hatoum.  With the now established practice of projecting hugely onto several walls […]

Jolly Matters

The material world is teased in Jolly Matters. It is exhibition composed of plastic, paint, wood, and paper. Then there are the intense and extreme colors of the objects which, like a pink bubble-gum painted room, make for good ambiance and a most agreeable mood. The lively and vibrant hued things chosen for Jolly Matters are objects that ostensibly produce sensations of cheerfulness and glee; perhaps together they might even raise our serotonin levels after a long dark winter.

Modern Mistresses

Recently, re-evaluations of the feminist contribution to post-modernist art have begun to emerge. One particular feminist strategy, frequently employed in the 80’s and 90’s, seems ripe for revisiting. During that period many women artists were driven to appropriate specific artworks by so-called “modern masters.” Usually these male artists were at least a generation older than […]

the consulting room

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Art Through the Ages

In response to Younger than Jesus how about a show with one artist each from five year age groups starting at 15 and going as old as possible. There would be one artist between 15 and 20, one between 20 and 25, etc. up to one artist between 85 and 90, one artist between 90 and 95. I’d be curious to see the connections between different age groups.


Used as slang among software developers a “kluge” is an inelegant solution to a momentarily insoluble problem. You need to get the project done and you don’t have time to figure out the correct way to do it so you create a work-around that gets the job done temporarily. Most frequently this is hidden from […]

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