• bowen-featured

    Nancy Bowen

    Monday, November 23, 2015

    Nancy Bowen is a mixed media artist known for her eclectic mixtures of imagery and materials in both two and three dimensions. She has had over a dozen solo exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe including the Lesley Heller Gallery in NYC, Annina Nosei Gallery in NYC, Galerie Farideh Cadot in Paris, the Betsy […]

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  • Uplift, 2013-2014
				Uplift, 2013-2014 
				Nylon, blowers, wood, cord
				Dimensions variable
				Courtesy of the artist
				Photo: David Dashiell

    Lee Boroson

    Saturday, November 21, 2015

    Lee Boroson’s work presents a nuanced take on the idea of nature. For the artist, “landscape” is positioned between man-made cultural constructs and wilderness. To achieve this, Boroson creates large-scale immersive installations, which emulate “natural” experiences for his viewers, based on the most ineffable elemental forces in nature — from air, fog, and smoke, to […]

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  • Drifter; 2015; Flasche on muslin, textile, and bubblewrap; 55 x 80 x 3 inches

    Lizzie Scott

    Saturday, November 14, 2015

    Lizzie Scott is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She has been working with the intersections of textiles, painting and sculpture for nearly 20 years. In addition, she runs an intermittent roving performance laboratory, “The Total Styrene Experience” which aims to create brief moments of an alternative art world based on generosity and experimentation. […]

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  • SHOTtyNewscaled

    by Kathy Shorr

    Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    New York based photographer Kathy Shorr is traveling the country for her project SHOT to photograph 100 shooting survivors.                        http://shotproject.org/#story

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  • venice biennale slider

    Venice Biennale Sunset

    Friday, October 30, 2015

    In no particular order a selection of images from the 2015 Venice Biennale                      

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  • LM_01

    Lenore Malen

    Saturday, September 12, 2015

    New York City, Central Park. Four animals, a horse, a goat, a lion and perhaps a Dalmatian, make their way as a team, seeming to rappel without ropes, across a rocky outcrop of 450 million year old schist rock. The blocking of the figures evokes the dance of death scene from Bergman’s The Seventh Seal. […]

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  • joyce-kozloff02

    Joyce Kozloff

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    Joyce Kozloff, one of the founders of the feminist art movement of the 1970’s, and a leader in the Pattern and Decoration movement, has had a long and distinguished career, both  in gallery and museum exhibitions and in commissions of public art.  Since the early 1990’s she has employed maps and mapping as a format […]

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  • Rear Offensive, acrylic, ink and colored pencil on paper, 23" x 29"

    J. Fiber

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    J. Fiber is a collaborative drawing project of the painters Jane Fine and James Esber. Although they occasionally made drawings together for over 20 years, J. Fiber was not hatched as a serious project until 2007. Question: You describe your collaboration  as a “struggle between two sides of the self.”  How does that particular struggle […]

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  • ETH_Performance Still_3jpg

    Nene Humphrey

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    Question: Your work is engaged with a number of different media. You have integrated conversations with neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux into performances using word syllables and breathing patterns. In collaboration with Roberto C. Lange you have worked with choral groups and video projections. how are dreams important to the development of your work? Answer: I’ve always […]

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  • 01_Belag_DARLING_COFFEE_2015_48x60_OilOnLinen

    Andrea Belag

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    Question: On why I am not a gestural painter, or, am I? Answer: A gesture is one because it represents something, because it is concerned with a meaning. GESTURES, Vilem Flusser, Univerity of Minnesota Press, 2014, p 4 In my experience everything visible in an abstract painting establishes meaning within the context of the painting. […]

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  • 2. AtlanticCity_2001_14x11_72

    Heide Fasnacht

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    Heide Fasnacht has shown an abiding interest in states of instability. These concepts have been explored through drawings, large-scale sculptures, photo-based work, and prints. The aftereffects of historical occurrences (iconoclasm), risk economics (implosions) and geological processes (earthquakes & implosions) are revealed in fracturing and damage.  Deforming and reforming reveals fissures: damage and contortions on the […]

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  • Flora Shaker

    Kathy Grove

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    Question: For many of us who have followed your photography over the years, the retouched images from the late 80s/early 90s are your most iconic work.  Your fans have not had many opportunities to see much of your new work.  How does your retouched photography from that feminist/appropriated period impact or inform your current work?  […]

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  • Really?, 2015, oil on canvas, 36 x 34 inches

    Laurie Fendrich

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    Question: I would like someone to ask me why, in an art world that loves fashion, entertainment and spectacle, and in an age that loves movies and social media, I keep on painting small abstract paintings. A lot of your paintings suggest cartoon animal shapes. Could you talk about this? Answer: Although I don’t aim to […]

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Grave Videos

Ellen Lanyon

Remembering Ellen Lanyon

Remembering Ellen Lanyon  This compilation of words and pictures builds on the memorials, the receptions and conversations among friends following the passing of Ellen Lanyon.  Deeply missed and hard to forget for the lives that she touched, we intend this document to be open for continued remembering and appreciation.  She was magic.  We were anticipating […]

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Matt Freedman

Matt Freedman is a sculptor, performer, writer and curator. He has exhibited with Valentine Gallery, Pierogi Gallery, vertexlist, Flipside, Fivemyles, The SculptureCenter and Long Island University. Venues of performances include PS 1 MOMA, The Brooklyn Museum, The Kitchen, Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn Academy of Music at Fivemyles, Galapagos Performance Space. He teaches at the University of Pennsylvania […]

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Jackie Ferrara

Full interview interview with Jackie Ferrara in her studio in July of 2012 with Andrea Blum.

Jackie Ferrara (born 17 November 1929, Detroit) is an American sculptor best known for her pyramidal stacked structures. Her work is in the collection of the MOMA, the LACMA, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and the Phillips Collection, among others. Go to http://www.jackieferrara.com/

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Hands are well known for picking noses and pockets, giving fingers, reaching across oceans and the like. In the 1960s some were making peace signs. In 1968 one of Richard Serra’s was catching lead. It takes a little help from the title to grasp (sorry) what is actually happening. Off screen someone is dropping or […]

photo Anouk Wouters

Utopia in Red Light District

W139 was the venue for Now Babylon, a site-specific show that researched the topic of Utopia.  The exhibition was curated and produced by New Sculpture Department (NSD), who invited ten more artists to join them for the occasion.* The title is derived from New Babylon, the Utopian project from the 1950s of Dutch artist Constant. […]

Still from: Aernout Mik Training Ground, 2006 2 channel video installation Edition: 4 + 2 AP Courtesy carlier | gebauer

Aernout Mik Videos

Mud, silence, soft violence Groupdynamical and art-critical aspects in Aernout Mik’s video-installations by Arnout ter Haar & Dineke Blom Introduction How do people behave in large groups? Are we as individuals still capable of intervening in the ordering of our society or is apathy ruling in Western society? These are questions that arise when visiting […]

slider RG

Supports / Surfaces by Nick Van Zanten

The French Supports/Surfaces painters of the 1970’s have been woefully overlooked in America, which is especially remarkable given how many young abstract painters seem to be following in their footsteps today. The appropriately named Supports/Surfaces at Canada on Broome St through July 20 aims to fix this. Works hang from the ceiling and sit on […]

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